Party Like It’s 1998 With Atria’s

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Party Like It's 1998 With Atria's

For the month of May, we are excited to announce that we are bringing back our full menu from 1998 at our Mt. Lebanon location. As a bonus, we are including the retro pricing! This menu will only be available during the month of May, so don’t miss your opportunity to check out our original offerings. In honor of bringing the original menu back, we want to do a throwback to 1998. Join us in this journey. Read More

Stunning Food and Wine Pairings Inspired by You

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Stunning Food and Wine Pairings Inspired by You

“If food is the body of good living, wine is the soul.” – Clifton Fadiman

Whether at home or out at a restaurant, a glass of wine paired with the right foods turns a meal into a work of art. Atria’s in Pittsburgh offers something for everyone, so you’ll find it’s easy to pair wines with our appetizers, desserts and entrees. Not sure how to pair foods and wine? That’s okay! Here are some tips on learning how to create pairings like a pro:

Create Harmony in Wine and Food Pairings Using Similar Flavors

Many people have discovered the joy of eating something sweet and salty together. Think about salty caramels popularity. Have that taste in your head? With wine and food pairings, it’s no different. A salty food does well with a slightly sweet wine, such as Champagne or sparkling wine.

For a sweet wine, pair it with foods that are equally sweet. If you pair a sweet food with a dry wine, the wine becomes unpleasant and sour. A dark chocolate molten lava cake goes well with a sweet or semi-sweet Zinfandel. Pair fruits with something sweet and light like a Chardonnay.

Bold, spicy flavors like barbecued chicken or ribs go well with a strong red wine. A Malbec or Shiraz has strong enough notes to stand up to meats that are coated in thick, flavorful sauces.

Fatty foods, such as a burger or steak at Atria's, need to be paired with wine that stands up to the fat. It's why you should always pair an acidic, dry red, such as a Cabernet, with beef.

Match Specific Foods to Certain Types of Wine

Fatty foods, such as a burger or steak at Atria’s, need to be paired with wine that stands up to the fat. It’s why you should always pair an acidic, dry red, such as a Cabernet, with beef. A wine that’s high in alcohol content also pairs well with fatty foods like fish and chips.

When you think of light foods, such as grilled seafood, you want to pair it with a light wine. Grilled scallops go well with a light wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

Never Forget That Opposites Often Attract

Sometimes, you do need to pair foods with a wine that poses opposite qualities. Gewurztraminers or Rieslings tend to be pretty sweet and usually would be paired with something equally sweet. However, their sweetness also pairs well with spicy Asian dishes like Thai curries or a Vindaloo.

Enjoy a relaxed night out with associates or friends at Atria’s. Or visit us for a leisurely brunch with family on a lazy Sunday. Like and follow Atria’s on Facebook to view photos, find out more about happy hour specials or check out upcoming special events. Be sure to use our hashtag #WineWithAtrias to share your wine pairings with us!

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Meet Chef Josef

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Meet Chef Josef

Since Chef Josef was a kid, cooking has always been a huge aspect in his life. He has been the chef at Atria’s in Pittsburgh since 1998 (almost 20 years)! We sat down with him to find out a little bit of history and about his cooking style: Read More

Then and Now: Atria’s History Throughout the Years

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Then and Now: Atria's History Throughout the Years

Pennsylvanians already know that the nine Atria’s restaurants in their region all make for lively, comfortable spots to hang out with friends for great food and drinks, as well as superior service. But what they may not realize is that warm feeling is owed in no small part to Atria’s origins. From its humble beginning as a small neighborhood grocery store to its decade-by-decade establishment as the heart of the community, the original Atria’s continues to inspire new generations.   Read More